League of Legends – Phoenix | Worlds 2019

Credits: “Phoenix” – League of Legends Worlds 2019  / Client RIOT GAMES / Directed by ERNEST DESUMBILA / Production, Postproduction SAUVAGE.TV / Executive Producer EVA LAFFITTE / Animation Production PANOT STUDIO / Animation Supervisor FERRAN CASAS / Animation Producer LAIA ALOMAR / 3D Composition LANCZOS.TV
This project was a real challenge. I did the rendering setup for the 3d animated stuff. The goal was to achieve like a “concept in movement” look. I had to provide a non realistic render setup, painterly enough to be able to overpaint later to really get a very expressive and disruptive result. We were pushing and pulling really hard to break the usual 3d stiffness taking very unconventional approaches…I have learnt a lot trying to translate brave brushstrokes into a 3d rendering engine.

ClientRiot GamesYear2019

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