NIKE “The Last Game”

I had the opportunity to join Passion Pictures and work in this “unike” (LOL) project “The Last Game”.

It was a great challenge: To design, model, texture and light this sequence with this massive ancient steps inside of a cave populated with the statues of the players. The camera was going from very wide angles to really close shots, so the models and textures needed to work for both situations. On top of that, and as usually happens, the layout was changing everyday so we needed a very flexible sistem to work.

I end up modelling and texturing in Hi-res just small variation of stones, bricks and ornaments so I was able to use them as if I was building the temple “stone by stone”. Combining them, I had detail enough to make work the close ups, and flexibility to modify on the fly the constrction of the elements to fit the any Layout requirements.

ClientPassion PictoresServices3D generalist, Light & RenderYear2016

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